Love You More LED Neon Sign
Love You More LED Neon Sign
Love You More LED Neon Sign
Love You More LED Neon Sign
Love You More LED Neon Sign
Love You More LED Neon Sign
Love You More LED Neon Sign
Love You More LED Neon Sign
Love You More LED Neon Sign
Love You More LED Neon Sign
Love You More LED Neon Sign
Love You More LED Neon Sign

Love You More LED Neon Sign

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Tube Color
Determines the color of the sign when it is turned off. (Default -> White)
The ability to control the sign’s color, intensity and modes using the included controller. (Multi-Color sign tube color is white)
IP67 waterproof rated sign with fully enclosed acrylic. A must for outdoor use.
Express Order
Receive your art within 12 Days!
Frame Cut
Cut the acrylic backboard to rectangular shape or to the shape of letters. Neons highly recommend to cut all cursive font signs to the shape of the letters & all the non-cursive to rectangular.
Plug Type
Power plug type.
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DIMENSIONS: (Width x Height)

Extra Small: 18” x 19"

Small: 25” x 26"

Medium: 30” x 32"

Large: 38” x 40"

XL: 48” x 50"

XXL: 60” x 63"

Supersized: 80” x 83"

Extreme: 100” x 104"

*These are the dimensions of the LED Neon at its widest point. However, due to the acrylic backing, the sign might be a bit larger (up to 3”).



-NEONS LED Neon Flex: NEONS LED neon flex is the latest material in the signs and lighting industries, replacing the old-fashioned glass neon by being better in every aspect:

Affordability: LED neon signs are 3-5 times cheaper than glass neon signs.

Using NEONS most recent LED neon flex technology we are able to offer you the most affordable and high-end signs without ever compromising on the quality.


Longer Lasting: Lifespan of 50,000+ HOURS of use. Glass tubed neon will operate for approximately 10,000 hours.


Free from noise or heat: LED neon signs are safe to touch since they produce minimal heat due to low voltage operation and not producing buzzing sound compared to the old-fashioned glass neon.


Minimal power consumption: LED neon flex operates on much lower input voltage of 24V/120V compared to 3KV-18KV input voltage of glass neon (up to 750 times lower), therefore, saving money on operation costs.


Maintenance: LED neon signs are plug & play signs that require no maintenance at all.

Glass tubed neon signs will likely require maintenance which must be done by a trained professional, due to climate and placement.


Extreme Durability & Safety: Not only that LED neon flex contains no glass what makes it lighter and unbreakable, but it is also eco-friendly and does not contain any noxious chemicals.


Colors and Brightness: LED neon flex offer much stronger brightness level than the old-fashioned glass tubed neon

(210 Lm/m compared to 197 Lm/m) with wide variety of 22 colors to choose from.

Acrylic Backing: Default resistant Clear acrylic to preserve the sign’s shape over the years and make installation much easier.

Choose your cut style! Cut the acrylic surface to the letters shape or to a rectangular shape.

Our recommendation is to cut all cursive font type signs to the letters shape and cut all the non-cursive (basic) signs to a rectangular shape.



-Plug & play handmade LED neon sign

-12V low voltage, transformer compatible to the country according to your choice.

-6’ 7’’ / 200cm clear cord from sign to transformer and 3’ 11’’ / 120cm of black power cord from transformer to the socket.

-3M glue stickers for instant wall installation.

-Hanging system of pre-drilled necessary holes, fixtures & fittings for you to hang / wall-mount your sign easily to the way of your choice.

-24 months warranty for your sign.


 Remote & dimmer (add at checkout).

  • Plug & Play dimmer that comes with a remote to generate and control a range of brightness settings, Party Modes and of course an ON & OFF button.

Hanging / Wall-Mounting kit (add at checkout)

  • Hanging kit including heavy duty removable hooks and stainless-steel rope or Wall mounting kit including professional grade stainless-steel advertising studs.