About Neon

How It All Started

  It all started with the two of us.
Simply, two passionate people and multi-decade friendship.

Time went on and we grew older, becoming more aware of the revolutionary businesses, that pop up all the city of Tel-Aviv. (to specify, these were small and conceptual businesses owned by young entrepreneurs) 

All these places had fresh vibes, and they all wanted to truly make it, doing what they love. However, we don't know what but, Something was missing.       

One evening of our trip to Vegas, we noticed that every business back at the time knew something, that we obviously missed.

Apparently, it was the message sent out.

A strong say of "who you are", and how are you different from the rest. Simply place a unneglectable unique message, and you're just playing a different level of the game.

It struck us like lightning, at that moment we both knew it was on us to bring back the neon lights. Not only to those new-age businesses, but also back to our daily life. We just knew we can do it better.

Back in our Israel after deep research we discovered the LED neon flex.  The brighter, longer-lasting, safer, and much more affordable type of material to create the 2030 neon signs.