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Immediate Questions

We offer a variety of 22 colors to choose from.

10 of them are with colored casting, meaning they will have the same color even when turned off (just not bright of course). The remaining 12 colors are white when the sign is turned off.

1/2 = Cherry Red

3/4 = Lipstick Pink

5/6 = Dark Pink

7/8 = Tangerine

9/10 = Lightning Yellow

11/12 = Gold

13/14 = Monster Green

15/16 = Intelligent Blue

17/18 = Aqua

19/20 = Mood Purple

21 = Warm White

22 = Cold White

*There is an option for RGB signs at additional cost.

[Introducing all of the colors above with the ability to control the color using a remote. (White casting)]

Using our self-developed custom sign designer you can choose color, font, size, and acrylic backing cut option to get an immediate offer. Our company offers the most extensive selection of colors and fonts out there all along with the highest quality materials and an affordable price.

For any other font or custom design symbols, fonts, handwriting, logos, and anything! Just quote us for free with your vision and we will provide one or more designs for your approval.

NEONS is proud to introduce you to the latest light signs technology: LED Neon. The main differences between NEONS LED neon flex and glass tubed neon are:


LED neon signs are 3-5 times cheaper than glass neon signs. Using NEONS' most recent LED neon flex technology we can offer you the most affordable and high-end signs without ever compromising on the quality.

>Longer Lasting:

Lifespan of 75,000+ HOURS of use. Glass tubed neon will operate for approximately 10,000 hours.

>Free from noise or heat:

LED neon signs are safe to touch since they produce minimal heat due to low voltage operation and not producing buzzing sound compared to the old-fashioned glass neon.

>Minimal power consumption:

LED neon flex operates on a much lower input voltage of 24V/120V compared to a 3KV-18KV input voltage of glass neon (up to 750 times lower), therefore, saving money on operation costs.


LED neon signs are plug & play signs that require no maintenance at all. Glass tubed neon signs will likely require maintenance which must be done by a trained professional, due to climate and placement.

>Extreme Durability & Safety:

Not only that LED neon flex contains no glass what makes it lighter and unbreakable, but it is also eco-friendly and does not contain any noxious chemicals.

>Colors and Brightness:

LED neon flex offer a much stronger brightness level than the old-fashioned glass tubed neon (210 Lm/m compared to 197 Lm/m) with a wide variety of 22 colors to choose from.

For short periods and in fair weather without water contact, our signs can be used outdoor (for weddings, parties, and events). For long-term outdoor use, NEONS offers her customers the option to upgrade their sign into an IP67 waterproof rated sign with fully enclosed acrylic. IP67 standard means that the sign is Dust tight (no ingress of dust) and is protected against the effects of immersion in water between 1cm and 1m for 30 minutes.

Note: The sign should not be used underwater.

You won't believe how easy it is. With an average weight of 5-12lb and pre-drilled holes in the acrylic backing, all you must do is choose your favorite method. Each package includes 3M glue circles for easy mounting, or you can rather choose to add a Hanging kit including heavy-duty removable hooks and stainless-steel rope or Wall mounting kit including professional-grade stainless-steel advertising studs. Note: The above is a recommendation only.

*NEONS is not responsible for installation and/or wall mounting for any of our products.

NEONS offers her customers to choose whether to cut the acrylic backboard into a rectangular shape or cut to the shape of the letters. Our recommendation is to cut all cursive font type signs to the shape of the letters and cut all the non-cursive (basic) signs to a rectangular shape. All signs are created with the default transparent acrylic. NEONS offers her clients multiple acrylic backing options including a Silver mirror, Gold mirror, Black, and White for an additional cost of 25USD.

NEONS provides you the opportunity to level up your new LED neon light sign with a Plug & Play dimmer that comes with a remote to generate and control a range of brightness settings, Party Modes, and of course an ON & OFF button.

Understand better the expected size of your sign with our sizing guide.

The width describes the size of the LED neon flex (not the acrylic surface) at its widest point.

For designs that include text only to keep the font's original proportions, the height would be a result of the font and the width.

Typical sizes:

25in width 6-10in height

30in width 8-12in height

38in width 10-15in height

48in width 12-18in height

60in width 17-23in height

80in width 24-28in height

100in width 30-35in height


Here are some visualizations you might find to be helpful:

For reference, the width of beds in the US: Single sized Bed 30inch (76.2 cm), Queen-sized Bed 60inch (152 cm), King-sized Bed 76inch (193 cm).


By having the highest production rate and experience we can say that each sign is being handcrafted from scratch within 5-7 days, packed carefully and safely shipped with the largest shipping companies worldwide (DHL/FedEx/TNT) with freight time of 1-3 weeks. A tracking number will be provided to the customer as soon as it is available. NEONS offer Express orders. If needed, the sign will be crafted and delivered to your doorstep within 12 Days from the second of payment. If Express orders fail to be delivered within 20 days, we will refund the Express order fee.

We charge $29 Flat rate shipping for any order below 300USD.

For orders above 300USD, we provide Free Fast Premium shipping for any order above 300USD within DHL\FedEx\TNT. Our signs are packaged in the safest way possible. If your sign shows up broken, we will send you a replacement sign right away for completely free, or refund you if you wish.

*Additional shipping costs will be charged for countries that are not: USA, Canada, Australia, and Countries outside Europe.

International customers are responsible for any customs or import duties after the package is sent. We do our best to protect our international customers from incurring additional fees. Unfortunately, we have no control over these charges, and customers have to take full liability for all postal charges, please check before ordering.

Of course!

Right after the order is shipped you will recieve both an email and an SMS with the tracking number.

Warranty & Returns

NEONS offer returns and refunds only for faulty/damaged signs. NEONS will make every possible effort to resolve the issue to the best side and may replace, refund, or partially refund the product. The final resolution for damaged signs is determined due to the particular case and may change on a case-to-case basis, depending on the source of the fault, at the sole discretion of NEONS.

After contacting us at with both photos & videos of the faulty sign and a reason for returning it and a return has been agreed you must return the faulty sign in its original condition with all of its original packaging. In case of an agreed return, you must return the faulty sign for inspection by NEONS within 14 days from the day a return has been agreed. After inspection, NEONS will determine whether it is a case of partial refund or a case of full refund/replacement and let you know as soon as possible.

Of course! All our signs include a 24-month warranty from the date of order. We cover electrical components and non-human damage as well as delivery damage.


NEONS LED neon signs are sculpted by hand, with no molding, template, or a machine to bend the tube. For this reason, we can't guarantee that each sign will be exactly 100% the same as the images presented on our website and the design proof. By purchasing NEONS LED neon sign you accept that the design may vary from the pictures. For any concerns please contact us at