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Vancouver & New Orleans, Jakarta and Delhi. We are everywhere.
42 Countries round the globe know us.
You've seen us before. Now you just know it.

How It All Started

  It all started with us, two childhood friends with a passion for light.
As time went on and we grew older, we noticed concept businesses and small businesses with the spirit of innovation is beginning to open all around, all these places had fresh vibes, and they all wanted to breakthrough. However, even though they were all creative and new, they still had the traditional, standard, old fashioned look.             

Something was missing.                 
One evening of our trip to Vegas, we noticed something that every business back at the time knew but somehow our generation missed, the power and impact neon light has. Being able to have something so unique that throws light to every corner immediately lift you up to a whole different level of the game.
It struck us like lightning and at that moment we both knew it was on us to bring back the neon lights not only to those young businesses but also back to our daily life. We knew we can do it better.
Back in our hometown after deep research we discovered the LED neon flex.  The brighter, longer-lasting, safer, and much more affordable type of material to create the 2030 neon signs.



Our Mission

Light. Light all over the streets. The light inside every home and room. Light in the office and Light in our lives.
Basic light was never enough for us. We wanted it to be unique and intense, in multiple colors and infinite forms and shapes.
What was most important to us was to let everyone glow differently, in his way.
To do so, our designers have already created hundreds of designs and always creating more signs for everyone to find his favorite one. Yet it isn’t enough. We want everyone to stand out, express his vision and turn it into the light. We believe there is no better way to reveal the inner part of yourself than a strong hanging light attached to the art creation of your soul. By creating a one-of-a-kind tool to let you design your very own special glowing sign we managed to do so. For those special signs that can't be imitated in the editor, just send them to us, as detailed as possible. We will help you turn them into light because, with the power of light, everything is possible.



Our Team

NEONS is a genuinely international brand with more than 80 skillful & creative designers, web developers, marketing teams, and most important our crafters who are the ones to create all the magic art of light.
It was started up as two good friends with a vision to change the face of our streets, giving the opportunity for anyone to show what he truly represent, teaming up with amazing people who live the vision, scaling up through partnerships across the globe, ended up as a big family motivated by the power of light.