From the moment we are born to our teenage years, moving on to the crazy years of college and parties straight to the cooldown years full of chill & good vibes. We fall in love and settle down; then, when everything in our life turns perfect, we use our knowledge & life experiences to truly understand the meaning of things as we get to know our deeper self.

The phase of life we are currently living and the opportunities related to it is called "OUR STAGE OF LIFE".

Each and every one of us is in a different stage of life...


Impressive Lifespan & Power Efficiency

The lifespan of 50,000+ HOURS free from noise or heat (safe to touch) and with minimal power consumption.

Extreme Durability & Maximum Safety

Not only that LED neon flex is stronger and lighter than glass neon tubes (in fact it’s unbreakable) but it is also eco-friendly and doesn’t contain any noxious chemicals.

Surprising Brightness & Color Variety

LED neon flex offers a much stronger brightness level than the old-fashioned glass tubed neon with a wide variety of colors to choose from

Affordable Price & Unmatched Quality

Using the latest LED neon flex technology we can offer you the most affordable and high-end signs without ever compromising on the quality.


Saturday, 9 PM, the main street of your city. You just finished an exhausting day at work, and you're finally out to see your friends at your local bar/pub. Sounds familiar?
Alright. Now close your eyes and imagine shutting down every single light in your sight. Now turn 'em on real quickly, but this time the imagine the street turn GREY. Now take a walk around, look at the places you know, the bars you used to go out to, the store where you bought the shirt you're wearing right now.
(These are all so different places, but why do they look the same?)
Now that you're done, you can go ahead and enjoy the rest of day this way, or you can choose to bring the light back to your life.
We couldn't live in such world.
How about you?
p.s. sorry for making you feel dead inside for 2 minutes

Our Whole Story

We might have taken it too far but...

Hard Work Pays Off
After long years in the industry, we made it through the struggle. We are proud to deliver you the most high-end LED neon signs at the most affordable cost. With a high production rate, each sign is being handcrafted from scratch within 5-7 days, packed carefully, and safely shipped with the largest shipping companies in worldwide (DHL/FedEx/TNT). Each sign in our collection is designed by our team and handmade by a single worker from the beginning to the very end to ensure the highest quality in the market.
Light Up Your Business

Stand out from the crowd with a unique and impressive LED neon sign. No matter if you are an Office, Bar, Gym, Club, Restaurant, Fashion Store, Café, or anything else, with the ability to customize a sign that fits your exact needs, the sky’s the limit. Company logo/tagline, Quotes, Symbols & Products, and much more. Anything else? Challenge us.

Light Up Your Place

Sick of Casual lightning solutions and want a bring your place to a whole different level? If so, NEONS it is. Room, Garage, Garden, Kitchen, or Living Room no matter what. Being able to have any sign you can dream of to light up your place will make the difference.

Light Up Your Event

Be Different! NEONS neon sign is all you need to make every event perfect. Weddings, Baby Showers, Birthdays, Product Launches, Conferences, Festivals, or any event you have, a neon sign makes the difference. Find your favorite design or create a unique one by yourself.

Just a Little Taste

"NEONS. Guess that's the name of my new obsession."
June 11, 2021
Control The Mood
"Placed it right above my bed and I use it for like anything!! Chilling with aqua, reading with white and my girlfriend is crazy for the pink. This sign gets me covered no matter what."
september 27, 2019
One Piece Makeover
"Pair of neon scissors got my barber shop look straight out the 5th Avenue."
Rob Callister
october 22 , 2021
Cute AF
"After I saw one at my friend daughters room I had to get one too. And this is the cutest thing I have seen."
Jenna rodriguez
January 28, 2020
"Ayoooooo thats what Im talkin about"
Byron Ford
May 12, 2020
"Suddenly the other bars arround start getting theirs too..."
April 10 , 2021